Commercial Interior Painter in Alton

Whether you manage a local shop or an immense apartment complex, your commercial building is important to you. That’s why it’s important to us too. At HomePro Services, our skilled professional painters want you to enjoy your space. Our superior painting services will make your Alton building look the way you’ve always dreamed it could.

Commercial Interior Painting Services

With years of commercial interior painting experience, you can count on our quality craftsmanship. We service shops, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and much more! Our commercial interior painting services include:

  • Wall and Ceiling Painting
  • Door, Trim and Molding Painting
  • Drywall Repair and Finishing
  • Priming and Sanding
  • Decorative Painting
  • Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Warehouse Walls and Ceilings

Interior Painting Preparation

Our commitment to excellence applies to the entire painting project, even including preparation. The interior painting process is more than just applying paint with a roller. By thoroughly preparing every surface, we provide a seamless, long-lasting paint job.

Before we begin, our reliable painting contractors will cover your furniture, floors and doors to guarantee that the paint ends up where it belongs. If walls need to be sanded or patched, we’ll treat this work with all the care it deserves. By sanding and cleaning all surfaces before we paint them, we maximize paint adhesion and minimize the time the project will take. We inspect our work as we go along and adjust as necessary. Between our attention to preparation and our premium paints, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

Commercial Wall Painting in Alton

At HomePro Services, we know that paint is more than just color. Paint quality makes all the difference. Low-grade paint uses mamy fillers, which means it tends to peel, crack and fade over time. It’s also harder to clean because of how easily it stains and scuffs. Trying to save on costs with low-grade paint ends up backfiring by doubling the painting work. What’s worse you’ll also need to repaint sooner than you’d like. 

Premium paints stay vibrant much longer, so your building will stay beautiful long after our professional painters transform it. By using only the best primer and paint, we reduce the time it takes to complete the painting process. Because quality paints have less odor, you can get back to your business in comfort after the job is done.

When it comes to choosing paint, rooms in healthcare facilities need different paints than a retail space. Our experts understand what paint is best for each individual space. When it comes to commercial painting, trust our expertise.

HomePro Services’s Expert Interior Painters

Our skilled interior painting contractors are committed to excellence. Professional and polite, our painters will complete the job promptly and effectively. Exceeding your goals is important to us. Your satisfaction guides our craftsmanship. With a fully licensed team, you know you can trust HomePro Services for all your interior painting needs.

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