Wood Furniture Refinishing in Florissant

So many of us get lured in by retro wood furniture at Florissant’s summer garage sales, or have inherited a piece or two from family members. But they don’t always look just the way we want from the start. If the wood is stained, chipped, damaged in some other way, or has just lost its luster, you may want to consider refinishing the wood.

Wood restoration isn’t the simplest task, but at HomePro Services we have lengthy experience in the industry, and skills that have been honed over many projects. Instead of tossing that antique in favor of a newer option, give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help.

The Refinishing Process

No two pieces of furniture are alike, but our refinishing process is similar from job to job.

  • Stripping
  • Removing old finish
  • Cleaning with mineral spirits
  • Sanding smooth

At this point, we’ll be working with a blank canvas. If you’d like your furniture to be rejuvenated back to how it would have looked when first purchased, next we will apply a stain. It’s easy to match the shade of wood, or make it a little darker and more impressive.

If you would prefer to have your furniture painted, now is the time to do that.

After staining or painting, we’ll apply a sealant and allow it to dry. Furniture should be left to dry in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours. Even if it feels dry to the touch, you don’t want to put an object down on the surface or sit on it and see an imprint of your coffee mug or jeans.

Quality for the Right Price

In other eras, furniture tended to be made better than it is today. You may have received your furniture for $50 at a yard sale, or for free from a relative. For the level of workmanship that went into that, you have really come out ahead.

To refinish this furniture, you’ll be paying $40-$60 per hour of work, but generally at HomePro Services it’ll instead be a flat rate. To strip and refinish a basic dining room chair, budget for $125-$200. For a larger piece of furniture such as dresser think more like $300-$475.

When you consider large chain stores from across seas that sell furniture in flat packed boxes, to be assembled at home, maybe those options are cheaper. But, take a look instead at the companies that will sell you something of similar style and quality.

The lower end chains will sell you a stock chair for $125 plus tax or a dresser for $1,000 while custom wood furniture businesses price chairs at $250 minimum and dressers at $2,000 and skyrocket from there.

The higher end stores may offer quality, but you can get that same quality and a unique piece of furniture by refinishing what you already have.

Imagine the Possibilities

We love the history of Florissant at HomePro Services and always enjoy the opportunity to learn a little more about it through the furniture that crosses our path.

Let us create a unique piece for your home that you can treasure forever.